UWL senior brings La Crosse history to city bus riders

A U. W. La Crosse senior, Rebekah Bain, is bringing La Crosse history to MTU riders, according to a news release.

Bain created the project “History on the Go” in her Introduction to Public and Policy History course last fall. Originally she was going to create pamphlets but decided a poster on the inside of the bus could draw more attention.

“I think this will help people understand where we’ve been as a system and how we got started,” says Jim Krueger, Jr., interim transit manager for La Crosse MTU.

It will also help the city’s bus system gauge customer satisfaction, Krueger adds. The MTU collaborated with Bain to connect the online trivia answers to a satisfaction survey related to the city bus system. Bain thought the trivia would increase participation in the survey.

“I hope to go into public history, which is reaching people about history and educating them outside of a traditional classroom setting,” she says. “And that is what this project accomplishes.”