UWL sees largest student fee increase in UW system

Student fees at UW-La Crosse are going up more than $250 next year.

It’s part of the 2016-17 UW System Budget which was approved yesterday.

While tuition remains frozen students will pay more for things like on-campus housing and food.

A large portion of the money from those fees is going toward new buildings on campus.

Before being approved by the board of regents yesterday students at UWL voted on the increase to help pay for those projects.

“We said to the students that we need a new student center and we’ve heard from you, you want to do that. The state won’t pay to build a new student center, we have to do it through fees so here’s what it would cost and here’s what the center would look like and the student’s overwhelmingly said yes we think that should be built and the fee increase justifies the new building. And then we did the same thing a little later with the field house project and that too, a majority of the students said lets build a field house and have a slightly higher student fee to pay for that,” UWL Chancellor Joe Gow.

Statewide students enrolled at four year UW schools will pay an average of $59 more for fees under next year’s budget.

UWL’s fee increase is more than any other state university.