UWL ranked one of the ‘safest’ schools in nation

UW-La Crosse is getting some national attention, but not for its academics.

The website, homeinsurance.com, ranked the university the 2nd safest school in the nation.

The list of 25 compiles data from the FBI on crimes near the campuses of more than 400 schools.  

The website also looks at how safe students feel when walking around the campus. 

The school’s chancellor says the ranking gives parents of incoming freshmen a little peace of mind.

“If I were a student or parent, I would see that ranking and I’d think that’s reassuring to know this is a university that hasn’t had problems with serious crime,” said Chancellor Joe Gow.

Part of the ranking included the fact that UWL had zero occurrences of violent crimes and few property crimes in 2013, the most recent data available.