UWL professor named to U.S. Speed Skating Hall of Fame

One of UWL’s professors has been named to the U.S. Speed Skating Hall of Fame.

Exercise and Sport Science professor Carl Foster began working with Olympic speed skaters around 1980 at the Sinai Samaritan Medical Center in Milwaukee. As a native of Texas, Foster says he didn’t know a thing about speed skating when he first met the skaters.

“A couple of the coaches really invested a lot of time–they knew science was useful for them, but I didn’t know anything about speed skating. But they invested a couple of years in me,” Foster said.

Foster conducted clinical research that would help skaters and coaches learn about recovery after races. As Foster put it, working with Olympians was like if he was an art professor and Pablo Picasso came back to life and wanted to use his art studio.

“I’d kick all my grad students out, and I’d sit there for days, weeks, just watching Pablo paint,” Foster said. “And the thought that Pablo might ask me, ‘This green or that green?’ for one brushstroke–I mean, you’d give your life to work with genius. And these people, almost any high-level athlete, is a certain kind of genius.”

The induction ceremony is to take place next year.