UWL in need of funds for campus repairs

UW system has 2 billion dollars worth of repairs that need to be addressed

As the University of Wisconsin system continues fretting over repair issues on campuses across the state, UW-La Crosse is feeling the need for repairs as well.

The UW system as a whole has two billion dollars worth of repairs that need to be addressed.

System officials are asking for about 713 million dollars to fund these repair jobs, and for the authority to fund projects themselves.

UWL’s Chancellor says the authority change would benefit more than just the school system as well.

“Right now, when we build a residence hall or a new student center for example, we have to borrow those funds through the state of Wisconsin’s bonding. We’d rather do that directly ourselves. That way we can not be an influence on the state’s credit rating,” says UWL Chancellor Joe Gow.

UWL’s Wittich Hall is in need of about 24 million dollars in renovations and repairs.

The only way the school has of getting that money is by saving it themselves or siphoning funds from other projects.