UWL athletics announces new partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System

UW-La Crosse and Mayo Clinic Health System are teaming up for what they hope is a winning combination in more ways than one.

The new partnership was announced Wednesday morning at the Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex.

It includes naming Mayo doctor Jake Erickson as the UWL Athletics team physician, Mayo treatment for injured student-athletes and think tanks including university faculty members and Mayo doctors.

Chancellor Joe Gow says he’s excited about what the deal could bring to the university and the community as a whole.

“You’re taking top notch practioners and researchers and putting them together, so it’s the kind of thing we’re always trying to do and we’re very grateful that Mayo is so excited about working with us,” said Gow.

The deal also includes Mayo sponsorship for all 19 of UWL’s varsity teams, but Athletics Director Kim Blum says the benefits extend beyond that.

“I think we’re just very fortunate to be able to partner with Mayo Clinic Health System on these different initiatives and what that could mean for our student athletes and, beyond our student athletes, our campus, our faculty, our staff and our community, it’s much more than just athletics,” said Blum.

This isn’t the first partnership between UWL and Mayo — the two teamed up a few years ago as part of the university’s physicians assistant program.