UW-La Crosse weathering cuts in aid included in state budget

LA CROSSE, Wis.– Wisconsin’s new two-year state budget cuts 250-million from the UW-system.  At UW-La Crosse, that means continuing to get more creative in how they balance the books.

So far they’ve been able to keep the cutbacks to a minimum, things like fewer janitorial services and not replacing some computers, but Chancellor Joe Gow says he doesn’t know how much longer they can keep doing it.

The new state budget also caps tuition at 5.5 percent, something Gow says he wishes the Board of Regents and campuses had more control of.  “Nobody likes to raise tuition, but if the alternative is we have fewer dollars to provide things for our students, that doesn’t serve them very well either so we have to be realistic about what do we need to provide and how much do we need to change to provide,” says Gow.


Chancellor Gow also says the decrease in state aid means they’re unable to compensate faculty and staff at a competitive level, in turn losing good people to other states.