UW-La Crosse student helping raise awareness about heart health, AEDs


LA CROSSE, Wis. — A UW-La Crosse student is helping raise awareness about heart health after a device saved her life.

Claire Malinowski nearly died after going into cardiac arrest while exercising on campus last year.

Two of her friends began CPR, others called 911 and firefighters used an “Automated External Defibrillator,” or AED, to save her life.

“Just as important as my life, pretty much, because according to what the doctors have said, the instant response is what saved me pretty much,” said Claire Malinowski, UW-La Crosse Student.

She says if UW-L didn’t have an AED on campus, she could have died.

There could be more AEDs at public locations around town soon. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Organization is currently raising money to buy nine more.