UW-La Crosse professor provides information for national magazine

Sociology professor quoted in 'Woman's Day'

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – UW-La Crosse professor is lending her voice to a national magazine.

Associate Sociology professor Dawn Norris has quotes in the current issue of ‘Women’s Day’ magazine.

Norris’ comments addressed mental health in society and in the work place.

A lot of factors go into creating stress and there are a lot of ways to fight it.

“Well there’s certain stress relief strategies that are good across the board, exercise tends to releave stress, talking with someone, getting professional help, whether one needs medication or talk therapy or both,” said Dawn Norris, UW-La Crosse Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice Associate Professor.

Norris has also been quoted in the New York Times and U.S News and World Report for other subjects.