UW-La Crosse offers field for De Soto’s homecoming game

De Soto's field ruined in last week's flooding

Flooding damaged De Soto’s football field last week, leaving the school’s homecoming game this Friday in jeopardy.

But now, a local university is lending a helping hand to make it a night to remember.

The flooding essentially ruined De Soto’s football field for the remainder of the football season.

As a result, the UW-La Crosse football team offered up its own field Friday afternoon, making the De Soto homecoming is still on.

It’s homecoming week at De Soto, and like many other schools, it’s a time for school pride.

“Everyone’s really jacked up about the school pride. You see all the games in the high school. Every locker is dazzled up by the girls and everything,” De Soto senior Sean Ziegler said.

But for De Soto, the flooding last week completely ruined the school’s field, leaving this week’s homecoming game in limbo.

“It was crazy to see. I can’t believe there was that much,” Ziegler said. “I went down there, and you sink into your ankles. It’s just insane.”

“They saw some of the pictures online, but until some of them got there on Saturday morning, then they realized how big of a deal it was,” De Soto head coach Ev Wick said.

But as expected, when Mother Nature strikes, several schools offered to lend a helping hand.

UW-La Crosse was one of those, offering its field Friday afternoon, and moving its own team’s practice to give the kids a homecoming they will never forget.

“I’m really happy for them to get a chance to play in a facility like this, and that their homecoming can go on as planned,” UW-La Crosse football head coach Mike Schmidt. “Maybe not exactly as it was going to be, but that it is still in a nice place for them to play in.”

“I had my parents talking earlier, ‘You’re playing at UWL?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, we’re playing on a college field!'” Ziegler said. “Just picturing running out of there through those stands and all that, I can’t wait. I’m going to get jacked! I can’t wait!”

So in a week that has been anything but normal, the field is a homecoming gift for everyone in De Soto to cheer about.

“It’s just a (biggest) gift that we could have gotten,” Ziegler said.

De Soto especially wanted to thank the facilities director at UW-La Crosse for making this happen.

As for the field, schools that play there typically must pay a fee, but in this special case, that fee was waived.

Places like Viroqua, La Crosse Logan and others also offered up their fields for this week’s game.

To accommodate the game, the Aquinas-Holmen game, which was already scheduled at UW-La Crosse at 7 p.m. Friday, was pushed back to 7:30 p.m..