UW-La Crosse offering new Business Analytics major

The program started as a minor in 2020

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Beginning in January, students at UW-La Crosse can major in Business Analytics.

University officials announced the new major Wednesday, admitting that its origins as a minor two years ago didn’t have the most solid of foundations at the time.

“We all know that fall 2020 might not have been the best timing to start a brand-new minor,” said Professor Peter Haried, lead faculty member for the business analytics program. “But the minor experienced tremendous growth over these past two years. It gave us proof of the need and overall interest in the business analytics area. The decision to pursue the major was the next logical step.”

The program is 24 credits, plus general studies and CBA core coursework. Students who earn their degree in business analytics are positioned for potentially high-earning careers post-graduation, university officials said. Operational research analysts, market research analysts and management analysts are positions in high demand, and they offer salaries far above the national median, according to the university.