UW-La Crosse hosts St. Baldrick’s event for Childhood Cancer Research

Participants donate money, hair for child wigs

The 8th annual St. Baldrick’s Event was held on the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s campus on Saturday.

The fundraiser raises money for childhood cancer research.  People could either donate money or shave their heads for the cause. 

Hair longer than six inches could be donated towards making children’s wigs.

Organizers say it is a great way for students to connect with the Coulee Region.

“It’s a great way to connect UW-L in the community because I don’t think, especially the freshman that we’re working with, they don’t understand how big of an event this is and for them to see people from the community come out and help us too is so great,” said organizer Andrea Coxey.

UW-L’s St. Baldrick’s event has raised nearly $121,000 since they started in 2007.