UW-La Crosse helping students comply with new voter ID law


LA CROSSE, Wis. —  The new voter ID law is causing changes to student ID’s on some Wisconsin college campuses.

Right now at UW-La Crosse, their student ID’s don’t meet the requirements of the new law.  Thirty-five percent of the student population is from out of state and these students need a valid Wisconsin ID to vote in Wisconsin. 

The university has come up with an idea of having a second ID card that’s specifically for voting.  “From UW-L’s stand point, we want students to be engaged in the process. We not only want them to educate themselves on the issues so that they can vote in line with their belief system and their values, but getting them engaged. Getting them acttively participating as citizens is one of the goals of the institution,” says Asst. Chancellor Paula Knudson.

The cards will be paid for through the student fees account.   The new voter ID law requirment does not begin until next February.