UW-La Crosse has record enrollment

UW-La Crosse students have set a record with fall 2018 enrollment at 10,569, exceeding the previous record of 10,558 in fall of 2014.

Enrollment for fall of 2017 was 10,499.

First-year student retention from 2017 to this fall was at 86 percent, up from 83 percent the previous year. Both figures are well above the national retention rate at 81 percent.

Chancellor Joe Gow says UW-La Crosse has been intentional in the past year about supporting student success for better retention, culminating in the appointment of a director of student success. “We’ve put a lot of work into increasing our retention rate and our efforts seem to be paying off,” he notes.

UW-La Crosse retains and graduates a higher percentage of it’s students than any other comprehensive university in the UW System.

In a time when many universities across the state are seeing declining enrollment, UWL’s numbers remain strong, Gow said.