UW-La Crosse crunched for space in residence halls


LA CROSSE, Wis. —   UW-La Crosse students will be back on campus soon, but some will find it a little crowded.   The university currently has more people who want to live on campus than they have beds available.

To make due, 80 double rooms will have 3 students living in them.  They’re also converting all of their study lounges into living areas.

Things are made a little easier thanks to a new residence hall opening this year which has 500 beds.  But they say right now they have no plans to build more dorms.

“You don’t want to over-build, but you don’t want to under-build so we’re just slightly above a need for more space, but right now we’re doing pretty well,” says the Director of Residence Life Nick Nicklaus.

35% of the UW-L student population lives on campus.