UW-La Crosse chancellor meets with students, staff in open forum

Joe Gow talks about upcoming renovations, building projects, Oktoberfest

UW-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow was meeting with students and staff Tuesday through a public forum.

It’s a way for the chancellor to share information he gets from the UW regents with the campus community.

Some of the main topics included upcoming renovations and building projects on campus. He also talked about some of the ways the university is preparing for the Oktoberfest weekend.

The last couple of years the university has gotten some negative attention because of incidents connected with its students. To help prevent anymore issues last year the school implemented a “No Guest” policy over the festival weekend.

“People from out of town can’t come on our campus, we think that’s pretty important because a lot of the extreme behavior seem to be from who are not from La Crosse but come here almost looking to get rowdy,” said Chancellor Gow.

The policy seems to be working as last year drinking citations on campus over Oktoberfest were down almost 25-percent.