UW-La Crosse celebrates Black History Month with award-winning writer

Diversity Coalition hopes to host more events

February is Black History Month, and UW-La Crosse is celebrating racial diversity with an award-winning writer.

UWL’s ‘Reflections of Ebony’ event kicks-off the month with a nationally recognized writer to speak on the experience of multi-cultural groups in the US. Members of UWL’s Diversity Organization Coalition say the month helps educate people on a topic that is not often taught.

“Multicultural students and their cultures are something that I feel personally isn’t done enough in school. We only learn so much about it, and to know that we have the capability to put on an event like this is incredible,” said UW-La Crosse Diversity Organization Coalition Representative Bedston Burrell.

UW-La Crosse’s Diversity Organization Coalition hopes to host additional events throughout Black History Month.