UW-L studying results of Massive Open Online Course

University launched MOOC in January

Months after launching an online math readiness course, UW-La Crosse will study just how well it works. 

The university launched the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) back in January. 

It’s a free class that let’s anyone with Internet access learn the math skills necessary for starting college. 

Now thanks to a grant… U-W-L faculty will be able to look at the data it collected from the two-thousand students. 

“What we did was tracked everything they did within the course and we can now mine that data and find out what’s working in the course and where there may be room for improvement.” Bob Hoar, associate vice chancellor for academic affairs at UW-L.

This was the first MOOC in the UW System and one of the first in the world to teach college readiness.