UW-Health doctor warns of possible ‘twindemic’ with COVID-19 and Flu

UW-Health leader says flu could be tipping point for Wisconsin hospitals

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT) – COVID-19 pared with the flu virus is another reason health experts recommend vaccinations. UW-Health leaders expect high case numbers from both illnesses this winter season.

Last year, concerns about a possible “twindemic” were also talked about. However, flu cases were down last season because of dramatic infection control measures across the country.

“All of the health systems are really stretched. I think even those that are in quieter areas for COVID-19 are still really absorbing a lot of transfers in from other areas. Most of the health systems are really at full capacity. They’re a little short-staffed because some of the staff have gotten sick,” UW-Health’s Dr. Jim Conway.

“When more disease starts to happen, and it doesn’t really matter what that disease is. If it’s more respiratory disease like influenza brings. That could be the tipping point for a lot of health systems.”

There were only 100 recorded cases of influenza in Wisconsin during the 2020-2021 season due to those health measures.