USDA Under Secretary visits Winona’s Summer Lunch Bus program

A new summer program helping to feed area children gets a visit from the federal government.

The USDA Under Secretary stopped at the Winona Public Library Wednesday to learn more about Winona’s ‘Summer Lunch Bus’ program.

The program serves children free USDA summer meals from a retrofitted bus outside the Winona Public Library.

The bus helps meet the needs of children who can’t get to one of the meal sites.

“Hunger doesn’t take vacation like we all do in the summertime so we have many many children who come out of the school nutrition program throughout the school year and then food becomes sort of a strategic issue for them during the summertime,” said USDA Under Secretary Dr. Katie Wilson.

The nutrition director for the Winona School District initiated the ‘Lunch Bus’ program in collaboration with the library’s summer reading program for children.