US Cellular turns on 5G network in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — US Cellular Tuesday announced that it turned on the company’s 5G network in La Crosse, as well as Janesville, Manitowoc and Racine.

“US Cellular customers in La Crosse will have access to even faster data connection speeds for a better experience on city streets, country roads and in their homes,” said Jared Blecha, director of sales for US Cellular in Wisconsin. “We encourage our new and current customers to check out the growing number of 5G smartphones and connected devices in our portfolio so they can benefit as we expand our 5G network.”

The multi-year network expansion for 5G in Wisconsin is a result of previous network investments to modernize equipment and software, according to US Cellular. In 2019, US Cellular invested $56 million in 5G upgrades to enhance the network experience for Wisconsin residents.

This 5G network deployment is on the company’s 600 MHz spectrum and will provide customers in Wisconsin communities with faster data speeds, seamless video chatting and a more responsive mobile experience, according to the company.