Upsetting footage from Winona Area Humane Society shows person abandoning cat in 80-degree heat

WINONA, Wis. (WKBT) – Some upsetting footage was released by the Winona Area Humane Society.

A cat was abandoned in front of their shelter on Wednesday.

It was left out in the 80-degree heat in a kennel filled with its own waste.

The humane society says staff doesn’t typically use the front entrance so the cat could have been out there for hours.

Thankfully, a staff member heard the cat whining.

She was found overheated and panting.

The humane society says it’s important to call to make an appointment if you have to surrender an animal.

The number to call 507-452-3135.

This is especially important now because many shelters have reduced hours and they want to make sure someone is there to receive the animal.