UPDATE: WI DOT gives statement on I-90 Exit 3 bridge accident

The I-90 exit 3 bridge construction project has been coming to a close. At about 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning, a truck scraped along the underside of one of the bridges, causing some delays.

The Wisconsin DOT said in a statement to WKBT Monday afternoon, “an oversized load was traveling southbound on WIS 35 at Exit 3 and struck one of the bridges as it was traveling under I-90. The vertical clearance on the southbound lanes is 16′-7″ which is above the minimum required vertical clearance of 16′-4″. The vertical clearance before the bridges were replaced was 14′-7″. Therefore the bridges were raised 2 feet.”

Because the vertical clearance now is above the minimum we will not be installing bridge clearance signs, the DOT said.

Police arrived on-scene and helped remove the truck from under the overpass, Saturday. The truck was carrying a construction trailer and had a permit to be driving an oversized load.

There was not enough damage to close down the highway.