Update: West Salem referendum

Construction is expected to start in June on a project unlike any other in our area. When work is done, the West Salem Boys & Girls Club will be located inside one of the school district buildings.

As part of a November 2016 referendum approved by voters in the West Salem school district, the club will be moving operations into a space that’s currently used as West Salem Middle School. That space will be renovated and the club will utilize the current middle school basement, cafeteria, locker rooms, gym and one of its entry-ways.

Middle schoolers will be going to class, eating lunch and having gym class in a new addition to the building, which was also approved by voters in November.

School officials met this week to work on a final lease agreement between the district and the Boys & Girls Club, which pledged $2.5 million toward renovating the current middle school building. They’re excited what having the club right on campus will mean for students and families.

“We’ll be able to better serve our kids before and after school, and their families,” says West Salem Superintendent Troy Gunderson. “We [the club and the district] can work together on homework, behaviors, we can work together to help these families. It’s just going to be a win for everybody.”

The West Salem Boys & Girls Club inside the West Salem Middle School is expected to be ready for kids in the fall of 2018.