Upcoming ‘Coffee & Conversation’ to focus on concussions, brain injuries in young athletes

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) –  Every kid bumps or bangs their head now and then, making it hard for parents to know when it’s serious enough to seek medical treatment.

This is why Saturday’s ‘Coffee & Conversation’ is centered around kids and concussions – helping parents know the difference between a basic bump and a serious brain injury.

Dr. Mark McEleney, a sports medicine physician at Mayo Clinic Health System, will be leading the discussion.

He will focus on knowing and identifying the signs of sports-related concussions and minor head injuries in young athletes.

McEleney said though concussions in adults and children have some similarities, there are some differences to know about – including recovery time.

“Adults, we expect one to two weeks is kind of a typical timeline, where kids it’s not unusual to have symptoms last for up to four weeks before we’re even considering it prolonged course of symptoms from a concussion,” McEleney said Friday.

He added that once you get one concussion you’re at a higher risk of getting one again because of the changes that happen in your brain while recovering from the injury.

‘Coffee & Conversation’ organizers said it’s important for parents to know this information.

“Giving them that information in advance so they know and can act accordingly should the situation arise with one of their children… it’s something you want to take seriously, especially when you’re thinking about injury to your head as opposed to if you’re bumping an elbow,” said Shayna Stellflue, Misty’s Dance Unlimited GM.

The free one-hour session starts Saturday, March 20 at 10 am.

To register, click here.

Or you can watch it live on Misty’s Dance Unlimited Facebook page.

Misty’s Dance Unlimited and Mayo Clinic Health System created ‘Coffee & Conversation’ in 2019.

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