Unseasonably Warm Sunday -Isabella Hulsizer

Unseasonably Warm Today 

As the warmer days start to dwindle, it’s important to plan out those last few trips on the boat. Today will be a good day to utilize it! Temperatures are set to reach a high of 89°F with lots of sunshine. It may get a tad breezy, with winds that could reach 10-15 mph. We’ll also feel some humidity start to build back into the air.

Boating Forecast

This Week 

Some chances for thunderstorms enter the forecast on Monday evening, that should begin to fizzle into scattered showers come Tuesday morning. The start of fall is off to a good start Wednesday with the high only reaching the mid 60s. Temperatures will warm up a little for the rest of the week along with some sunshine but it will also be pretty breezy throughout the week.

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