Unlikely friendship blossoms between mini horse and goose

Some say a dog is man’s best friend, but what about a mini-horse?

A mini-horse in Eastman found a best friend in the most unlikely of places.

About 10 miles from Prairie Du Chien is a little town with a big heart called Eastman.

“You can actually hear birds and all that having nature closer. It’s nice, and I like that,” said Shannon Ready.

And tucked away in one little corner of the town is Ready’s hobby farm.

“We have two dogs, five horses and then we have the goose and down on the farm we have cows,” said Ready.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Ready has four children, but as her girls started getting older, she knew she had room for one more.

“We were looking for a smaller horse for my girls because they were just in love with them from the minute they saw them, just like me, so we put some ads up and someone we knew said, ‘We have a mini,'” said Ready.

Within days, the Ready family welcomed Prince to his new home in Eastman. Although Prince got along with Ready’s girls, he didn’t necessarily fit in on the hobby farm.

“He is kind of a loner,” said Ready.

Ready said that sometimes Prince is by the other horses, but his size gets in the way once in a while.

“They don’t really like him that much because I think he tries to act like a big tough guy,” said Ready

So Prince tends to keep to himself most days.

“Prince doesn’t really have anybody else,” said Ready,

But he managed to find a friend in the most unlikely of places. It’s not the donkey, the calf or the robin. It’s the goose.

“All of a sudden, I was kind of like, ‘Oh no, the goose is up here.’ I never had good memories with the goose,” said Ready.

The goose has been part of the farm for as long as Ready can remember.

“He would go down on the farm, the dairy milking farm, because when his mate was still alive, they would lay eggs over there,” said Ready.

The goose’s mate died about a year ago, and he’s been wandering the farm on his own ever since — that is until he found prince.

“It took him a little bit to realize, ‘Oh, there is something my size up here,’ and then once he did, he never left,” said Ready.

Within months, the goose and Prince were inseparable.

“That goose has something for Prince,” said Ready.

When Ready noticed their special bond, she couldn’t believe it.

“Most of the time it’s hard to describe because it’s so different, so unique,” said Ready.

As a photographer, she knew exactly what to do next: “Start taking pictures,” said Ready.

“I think he (the goose) thinks he is a horse,” said Ready. “The moment you pour grain down for Prince, he is up there eating it.”

Ready said what makes their relationship so different is that Prince and the goose are nothing alike. Ready said Prince loves attention.

“They can hug him, they can get on him and they can lead him,” said Ready.

The goose is the complete opposite, she Ready.

“He is kind of a moody one. You can’t go pet the goose, I know that,” said Ready.

Ready said maybe that’s why the relationship works. Although there is a lot that makes them different, there’s more that makes them perfect for one other: acceptance, which she hopes her children learn some day.

“It doesn’t matter who you are; you can be totally different and you can still be friends,” said Ready.