Unified Command Staff taking charge to address coronavirus concerns

Tim Kabat, Ken Gilliam and Shawn Kudron providing regular video briefings with COVID-19 updates

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The city of La Crosse’s Unified Command Staff is providing everyone the latest information on the coronavirus with video briefings.

But there are other ways they’re working together to keep the community healthy.

As the number of coronavirus cases go up in Wisconsin and La Crosse County, top city leaders are taking command to try and keep the community healthy.

The staff includes Mayor Tim Kabat, fire chief Ken Gilliam, and police chief Shawn Kudron.

“It’s a highly coordinated response to a specific crisis,” Kudron said.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, there are 135 more confirmed cases of the coronavirus within the last day

“Well, so far we’ve really looked at the efficiencies in developing a plan for this public health crisis,” Kudron said. “Obviously to continue to provide public service, public safety, and also to look at the best way to have city government staff during this time.”

Kudron says the police department is implementing new strategies when responding to incidents.

“It’s important that we adjust our responses and that we’re still responding,” Kudron said. “But we may be also incorporating some social distance strategies. We’re maybe trying to communicate with our community possibly through phone. We may also ask them to step outside if we’re responding to their house.”

Right now, Kudron and the rest of the staff are trying to avoid communicating in-person.

“We’re communicating through teleconference as well as number of phone calls and emails just to make sure that we are all staying in the loop with most current information,” Kudron said.

By working together through technology, Kudron says it’s all an effort to make sure you’re informed as much as possible.

“Our hope is that we’re able to work remotely when we can in the hopes that we can keep enough people healthy,” Kudron said.

Kudron says the next briefings are going to be updates about what the Unified Command Staff is learning about the coronavirus.

The video briefings can be found on the city of La Crosse’s website.