U-W System looking to stop duplicating reports on sexual assaults

System asking for the requirement to stop

 The UW System is looking to stop duplicating reports on sexual assaults on campus.

Right now schools need to file an annual report to the state on the number of cases  and prevention efforts. In the proposed state budget, the system is asking for that requirement to stop as it looks for more autonomy from the state, and they already have to file a similar report to the federal government.

UW-La Crosse’s Violence Prevention Coordinator worries that could lead to some misleading numbers, because the federal report covers violent crimes reported to police.

“Actually, it’s very rare for someone who’s sexually assaulted to report that to the police, many more people do report it to the university or come to my office for help, so that clearly number is going to look different,” said Ingrid Peterson.

The violence prevention coordinator says no matter what happens, the university won’t change how it responds to sexual assault cases.