U.S. Supreme Court: Absentee ballots must be postmarked or hand-delivered by Election Day

Absentee Voting Requests Up
More than one million ballots requests in state

WASHINGTON, DC- A major ruling on Wisconsin’s election came down from the U.S. Supreme Court late Monday night.

According to Wispolitics.com, the nation’s high court ruled that absentee ballots in Wisconsin must be postmarked by Tuesday, April 7 in order to be counted.

The decision came just hours after the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling against Governor Tony Evers’ executive order delaying the election.

A federal district judge and a court of appeals judge had earlier agreed to allow absentee ballots to be counted as long as they were received by 4 p.m. on April 13th.

The website reports the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling Monday keeps the April 13th deadline for ballots to be received, but instead requires them to be postmarked by election day or hand-delivered to clerks by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

As of Monday morning, there were more than 11,000 absentee ballots that had been requested had yet to be mailed out, according to Wispolitics.com.