U.S. Senator Baldwin looking to expand veterans’ health care law named after Wisconsin marine

The family of a Wisconsin veteran is looking to expand on federal efforts to improve healthcare for veterans across the country.

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin is introducing legislation to expand ‘Jason’s Law’ to close a loophole in the VA’s choice program with the help from the family of Jason Simcakoski, a Wisconsin marine.

Currently, the law named after Jason Simcakoski who died while in the Tomah VA’s care, does not impact the care veterans receive from community health care providers. The new legislation would expand oversight to include those community providers serving veterans, particularly improving communication between the VA and other care centers.

“Jason’s Law provides a lot of good care and a lot of guidelines inside the V.A. Well, this new piece of legislation is going to provide better care outside of the V.A.” said Jason’s father Marv Simcakoski.

Jason Simcakoski was a Wisconsin marine who died from mixed drug toxicity in 2014. His death caused an investigation into the Tomah VA’s pain management practices.