Tying the knot, in the middle of a pandemic

Planning a wedding is already stressful and complicated. Planning a wedding during a pandemic is twice as hard.

“I finally felt like I could be myself with somebody. For the first time that he accepted me for my bad moods, my silly moods, my goofy, anything under the sun he could handle,” said Whitney Stenhoff.

“She’s kinda really completed the piece that was missing in my life,” said Steven Lechner.

Whitney and Steven are getting married on August 8th, their wedding is a little over 5 weeks away.

Planning weddings during a pandemic has been no easy task.

Wedding Planner and owner of Bubbly and Lovely Events, Michelle Lynn said, “It has definitely been an interesting season to say the least.”

“We have both gone through various flows of.. She’ll have a bit of a panic attack and a bit of a break down and then I’ve gotta be the rock. And then about two days later I have my fill of it, and I just short out and she’ll take over,” said Lechner.

Stenhoff said for their wedding, they’ve planned guests to have access to socially distance seating, masks and hand sanitizer.

“Their comfort level is our number one priority,” said Stenhoff.

And something the wedding planner has already thought of.

“You could get crafty and do some sanitation guest favors! You can throw in a little bag with a little mini hand sanitizer, some masks, and give it to your guests as they arrive,” said Michelle Lynn.

The wedding planning industry has taken a harsh turn, because not every couple is like Whitney and Steven.

“I definitely have had every wedding thus far been cancelled or postponed into 2021, so I definitely have taken a hit in revenue on that standpoint,” said Michelle Lynn.

But she has a bright outlook.

“I continue to be positive and just look forward to next year, because next year is going to be twice as busy as what we normally are,” said Michelle Lynn.

She also has a plan for those who are sticking to their big plans.

“For those people that are moving forward and having their wedding in August or into this fall, we definitely recommend a few different safety precautions… One of them would be working with your caterer,” said Michelle Lynn.

Whitney and Steven chose a unique food for the wedding.

“So ironically on our first date we went and had pizza!” said Lechner.

Which turns out to be a food that can be individual, practical and most importantly, safe.

If you’re getting married soon, it’s recommended you check with your venues to find out if they have limits for guests and other safety guidelines. Outdoor venues, like the Elmaro Winery, are also recommended, to prevent close contact between people.