Two vie for Town of Campbell Chairman

Voter to choose between Dennis Nelson and Joshua Johnson

TOWN OF CAMPBELL, Wis. (WKBT)- On Tuesday, April 6ht voters in the Town of Campbell will choose a new chairman. There are 2 candidates on the ballot; Joshua Johnson and Dennis Nelson. 

Nelson is a 42-year old business owner and father of two, who has live on the island for more than 18 years. He also volunteered with the town fire department for 14 years.  If elected, Nelson says he will speak up on behalf of the taxpayers; especially when working on a solution to the town’s PFAS drinking water contamination and on an upcoming boundary agreement. “Leadership. I lead a lot of stuff. I’m a hunters safety instructor for the state of Wisconsin and owner of two businesses. I have employees who work for me. So, leadership is my big thing.”, says Nelson.

Joshua Johnson grew up on the island and came back after graduating from UW-Madison.  The 26- year old works for Xcel energy and says he’s always had an interest in town government. Johnson is following the PFAS contamination closely. He too is drinking bottled water and says he’s willing to invest a lot of his time in being chairman. “I’m not afraid to tackle things I don’t have experience with. One of the things that I excel at is, if I don’t know the answers, I know the resources and the people to reach out to help get those answers.”, says Johnson.

The next town chairman replaces Terry Schaller. Schaller is not running for re-election.