‘Two-a-days’: The 2015 Cashton Eagles

Season opener: Friday at Ithaca

After posting a five-win season for the first time since 2006, the Cashton Eagles are starting fresh again in 2015 as a young roster and brand new coaching staff get ready for a competitive scenic bluffs schedule.

Jered Hemmersbach and a group of fellow alumni coaches are now leading the program, and the staff is focused on simplifying schemes in year one.

“Defensively, it is about making things as clear and easy to communication as possible,” assistant coach Mike Brueggen said. “We are focused on teaching concepts and schemes that this staff is most accustomed to.”

Players report great communication so far with the new staff.

“It’s pretty cool, I mean they know what we are doing out here and stuff like that and how to motivate us and intensity is a lot higher,” senior running back/linebacker Jeffry Janzen said.

“It’s almost like a tradition thing kind of now because we are going to try to bring back the winning culture we had in the 1980s,” said senior offensive lineman Devon Hall.

Four starters return from last season’s playoff qualifier and Janzen is set take a major role in the development of young players on both sides of the ball. 

“It’s different, but I expect to lead these young guys through the experienced I’ve gained to this point,” said Janzen.

The Eagles open the year Friday night in Ithaca.