Twin brothers Randy and Rick Storlie combine for 1,000 career victories as head coach

TAYLOR, Wis (WKBT)–After nearly 40 years as a basketball coach, Randy Storlie has plenty of mementos of his past.

“Ooh, here’s little league baseball!” the coach said, flipping through dusty photo albums.
From trophies, game balls, and old pictures each piece of the past tells a tale.
It’s just that sometimes he can’t tell if it’s his story being told in these pictures, or his twin brother’s.
“Basically being a twin we’ve always been together,” Randy said, about his twin brother Rick.
Randy and his brother grew up on a farm not too far outside Taylor, and they quickly developed a love for basketball.
“We played a lot of 1 on 1s and it ended up being fight on fight,” joked Randy.
“Oh yeah we had some competitions absolutely,” added Rick.
Until they joined the same team in high school.
“My brother likes to shoot the ball,” recalled Randy.
“There’s never been a shot I didn’t like,” joked Rick.
The Storlies both went to Winona State, and although they were cut from the team, they both couldn’t quit on the game.
“This is the only job I’ve ever had,” explained the 61 year-old coach.
Randy took a job at Blair-Taylor, and Rick has been coaching at Fall Creek for decades, two schools only an hour apart.
And for years these two filled scrap books with memories of teams, players and victories.
“At the end of the year, he totals them up and he says, let’s see if we can get to 1000 wins!” Randy said, explaining his brother’s discovery.
At first 1000 victories seemed a long shot, until it wasn’t.
“I don’t think any brother combination has done this!” said Rick.
There’s no trophy for 1000 combined wins between two brothers, and there doesn’t need to be…as the memories these twins had with their kids and each other is more than enough.
“Trophies are great, but it’s about the memories. Those are the most important,” said Rick.