Turn around don’t drown, staying safe after flooding

According to the National Weather Service, flooding has already killed 30 people across the United States so far this year.

“It’s very rare for a tropical system to come up into our area, so we’re dealing with a little bit of a rarity,” said Todd Shea, meteorologist at the La Crosse National Weather Service.

As remnants of the tropical storm Cristobal enter our area, it is important to remember advice from the National Weather Service.

Turn around, don’t drown.

“A huge percentage of the fatalities and deaths from flooding and flash flooding are people simply driving into high water,” said Shea.

Experts say flood waters are unpredictable.

“They can be fast moving, you don’t know what’s underneath them..whether it’s washed away a roadway, it only takes a few inches to float a car away,” said Brandon Larson, Director of Emergency Management in Vernon County.

Flooding is expected in the coming days throughout our entire area.

“If flooding does develop in your area, again, stay on high ground, do not take a chance driving through it,” said Shea.

It is especially important to be aware at night, when flooded roads are hard to see.

“Have a backup plan, go there early, whether it’s family, friends, get there before waters start to rise,” said Larson.

But if you take the risk of crossing flood waters be wary.

“Then you’re stranded and then you put other first responders at risk,” said Larson.

We can expect rises on area rivers over the next few days as tonight’s rain filters into area river systems.