Tuesday’s primary results could be a game changer for Wisconsin voters

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Six states will be holding primaries on Tuesday.

They are Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, and North Dakota.

With Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders as the front-runners, it could make it clear who the nomination will go to.

And it would be a big game-changer.

Michigan is the state many have their eyes on.

In 2016 Bernie Sanders had a big victory over Hillary Clinton in that state.

Political experts say if Joe Biden wins Michigan it will be a blow to Sander’s campaign and could put Biden on the fast track to winning the nomination.

Which might change voter turnout for Wisconsin’s primary.

“One thing that you can see is that if the Democrat nomination is basically wrapped up by the time the spring elections come around, that could reduce Democratic voter turnout and harm Jill Karofsky from becoming the next Supreme Court Justice,” said Anthony Chergosky, UWL Assistant Professor, Political Science.

Biden is leading in delegates and has key endorsements.

But if Sander’s is able to get the young and Latino populations out to vote he may still have a chance.

Wisconsin’s Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary are on April 7th.