TSA has new requirements for international flights

Requires passengers to power on all electronic devices

People flying from foreign countries to the United States could be headed for long lines at security checkpoints.

The Transportation Security Administration has ordered extra security for inbound flights.

TSA is now requiring all electronic devices be powered up before going an international flight heading into the U.S. They are worried about devices like cell phones and tablets being used as explosive devices.

It’s a growing concern with a younger generation of terrorists like ISIS in Iraq and Syria, who are more tech savvy.

So what does this mean for travelers? The short answer longer lines, and possibly a long flight with no mobile device.

That means if you are going to a major airport, it’s going to slow things down. “I think out of La Crosse it probably isn’t going to make a major difference, but if you are now returning from a major airport say London, Paris, something like that, I would give it three hours, I would give extra time, and of course let these people do their job, they’re here trying to protect us,” said David Friedman from Friedman Hobbit Travel.

You’ll want to make sure your phone is charged before heading to the airport. If your device does not turn on, you may be subject to additional screenings.

So what happens if you’ve been traveling all day and your device is just plain out of battery? “If it does not work, what I’ve been told is that they will have universal charges because perhaps you are just out of juice or something like that, otherwise you’ll be asked to put it in your checked baggage, not your carry on,” said Friedman, “again everything is always concerned with the carry on cause that’s what someone could get access to.”

Even though the big concern is terrorist, U.S. citizens will not be exempt from the extra searches. Officials say that’s because a number of westerners have joined terrorist groups and they want them to undergo the same scrutiny.

Officials say there is no imminent threat of an attack and that this is an additional way to check for potential threats. The changes will be implemented over the next several days in order to give the public time to make adjustments.