Trump tells West Salem crowd: Choose between Trump boom, Biden lockdown

Trump Rallies Supporters In West Salem
President Donald Trump makes his case for reelection during a rally before thousands of supporters at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway Tuesday. (WKBT photo)

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) — President Donald Trump stirred the emotions of an enthusiastic crowd in the thousands at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway Tuesday by listing what he said are his accomplishments and reasons he said he deserves reelection.
In doing so, the president denounced Democratic opponent Joe Biden as a lousy candidate.
“It’s a choice between a Trump boom and a Biden lockdown,” Trump said. “Speaking of lockdowns, let’s get your governor (Tony Evers) to open it up.”
The president also insisted that the media and Democrats are exaggerating the severity of the novel coronavirus to make him look bad instead of acknowledging that he has done a good job countering the pandemic, which has killed about 226,000 Americans. He also suggested that COVID-19 will become a nonissue on Nov. 4, the day after the election.
Trump began his hour-plus talk in mid-30s temperatures with the observation that he’d never spoken with so many people behind him.
He was referring to the venue, in which the stands at the NASCAR-rated racetrack were filled behind the president and the infield and rest of the track was filled with chairs and SRO areas in front of him.
Also contrasting a “Trump super recovery” with a “Biden depression,” he claimed to have enacted the biggest tax and regulation cuts in the nation’s history and speculated that Biden would cripple the economy with taxes.
“Sleepy Joe Biden, his plan is to raise your taxes at a level that our country has never raised taxes before,” said Trump, whose speech was broadcast live on Channel 8 News Now and streamed live on the WKBT Facebook page.

He recalled winning the popular vote over Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin in 2016 and promised a reprise in a victory over Biden and “dark-money donors and corrupt special interests.”
Describing the Nov. 3 vote as the most important election in the nation’s history, as do both Republicans and Democrats, Trump proclaimed that his is a “law-and-order” candidacy and claimed Biden is the opposite.
“We have done more things in the first three and a half years than anybody else could have done,” he said. “There’s been no other administration that’s done as much as we have in the first three and a half years, with our military, with our vets, with regulations, with cutting taxes.”
Trump also lampooned Biden’s running mate, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, as the most liberal senator, saying she “makes Bernie Sanders look conservative.”
The audience interrupted Trump’s speech several times with enthusiastic chants of “four more years.”
“Biden has made a fortune in politics while, you know, this has cost me billions — and I couldn’t be happier,” he said.