Trump signs Families First Coronavirus Response Act, lawmakers introduce ‘phase 3’

WASHINGTON (WKBT) – A bill that provides relief to American’s impacted by coronavirus has been signed into law.

On Wednesday the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was passed in the Senate.

It’s considered ‘phase two’ of the administration’s health crisis response.

The relief package includes free testing, expanded food assistance programs, and unemployment benefits.

In addition, the bill would strip employment requirements for Medicaid and increase funding through 2021.

It also requires businesses with less than 5-hundred employees to provide paid sick, family, and medical leave.

But for small businesses, this requirement will be difficult.

“It isn’t that the person is off, necessarily, it’s that it’s paid. That will be difficult for small employers that don’t have huge cash flow and may also be mostly shut down at this stage,” said Ellen Frantz, a lawyer at Johns, Flaherty & Collins, sc.

Lawmakers introduced ‘phase three’ yesterday.

The bill proposal includes economic relief for small businesses.