Trio finds Oktoberfest Medallion after seven clues

Group finds medallion at Veterans Freedom Park

After just seven clues La Crosse’s Oktoberfest Medallion hunt comes to an end.

Diana Hudson, Karen Black, and Lindsey Black found the medallion Sunday night at Veterans Freedom Park.

It was tucked away between two timbers underneath the military tank.

The team says they spent about an hour a day searching but even more time researching where it could be. And after the last clue and a hint from a family member the women say they found the medallion within minutes of arriving at its location.

“We made the connection with the soccer fields in the last clue that came out but we weren’t aware it was actually the city of La Crosse until my dad said it used to be the La Crosse City Waste Facility,” said Lindsey Black.

They say searching for the medallion was a nice way to take a break from an upcoming wedding they are planning.

Karen Black has found the Oktoberfest Medallion twice now. She found it back in 2001 as well.

Here are the clues that were released:

Clue #8 – Monday, Sept. 15
Named for a former state lieutenant gov.,
also goes by a language of love;
don’t race too far over the border,
or you’ll simply become just another lost voyageur.

Clue #7 Sunday, Sept. 14

Close by, the boys of summer proudly play,
years ago it was made home to a long work day;
adjacent fields of green replace a repository spot,
a game that for many Americans is all for naught.

Clue #6 Saturday, Sept. 13

Designated for founders Frances, Edmund, Robert and Will;
the remain today with often times traffic at a standstill;
members of the other party than the modern-day politico,
who stood by his similar-named connection no longer narrow.

Clue #5 Friday, Sept. 12

In the mid 19 th Century this transportation finally came,
Chicago, Milwaukee, Green Bay and others with a Midwestern name;
using the complete crossroads with routes galore,
carrying passengers, settlers, felled trees and more.

Clue #4 Thursday, Sept. 11

Opening just after a decade into the new century,
was christened with ice cream and music amid near fury;
dilapidated buildings, equipment and layers of sawdust,
turned into greenery, playgrounds and places to rest. 

Clue #3 Wednesday, Sept. 10
Many years before the German beer would flow,
a different industry was the area’s get-up-and-go;
for more than three decades they were the city’s big businessmen,
making their profits carried by horses and oxen.

Clue #2 Tuesday, Sept. 9
“Munich on the Mississippi” is the charge this year,
but wait, “Which river is it?” is not quite clear;
one of the seven is really the key,
discover which stream and the search becomes more carefree.

Clue #1 Monday, Sept. 8
As summer turns slowly into fall once more,
it’s time to carefully decipher truth from folklore;
the search for the medallion has begun in earnest,
read each clue cautiously to win the contest.

The medallion winner gets $500, two tickets to the Festmaster’s Ball, several gift certificates, and a mini replica of the medallion.

Please be respectful of property and operating hours during your hunt. Here are the other rules:
The Medallion:
– Is always within La Crosse city limits
– Is never buried in the ground
– Is always on public property
– Is accessible 24 hours, but posted hours should be observed
– Fits in the palm of a hand
– May be camouflaged

The Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt is sponsored by Wipfli, LLP.  For more information please visit the official Oktoberfest website.