Tri-State loans out free AEDs

In a life or death situation, there isn’t always enough time to wait for help to arrive.

That’s why Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance wants to make sure people don’t have to wait for paramedics to save a life.

An AED Loaner Program was designed in 2009 to allow the general public to borrow the device, for free, in case of an emergency.

“So anything from a wedding to a family reunion. some place where there is going to be a large gathering of people, especially those that might have high risk,” said Gundersen Tri-State Operational Supervisor Nick Eastman.

Twenty two AED’s were loaned out last year and 87 since the program started.

“The chance of survival without CPR and defibrillation goes down up to ten percent every minute.”

Gundersen EMS educator and AED loaner Tom Carpenter says he’s borrowed the device on three different occasions.

For weddings on the farm, he likes staying prepared.

“There is a great comfort to know that I can get one because there’d be a lot of people there.”

“It really required no training but we’ll provide you some information about CPR and about the use of the device and then return it when you’re done,” Eastman said.

Tri-State currently has two AED’s they loan out but hope to expand if the demand is there.

If two or more are requested for the same date, they will loan them out to the event or gathering with the highest risk potential, based on the American Heart Association guidelines.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can borrow an AED for your next event, call 608-784-8827.