Trempealeau County Sheriff Department volunteers for Service Provider Day

Raising money for Trempeauleau County Salvation Army

The Trempealeau County Salvation Army held Service Provider Day to raise money for their Kettle campaign. 

In the annual event, Sheriff Richard Anderson and one of his deputes help out the Salvation Army by ringing bells for donations.  Along with raising money. the campaign also hopes to raise awareness for the Trempealeau County Salvation Army chapter.  While they do not have a building like the La Crosse branch, they still hope to provide the same services.

“It’s tremendous feeling to give back, the Salvation Army has helped the community all around Trempealeau County for several different years and we’re just part of the program today.  Both myself and Kent, one of my deputes,  we’re honored to be here and help,” said Trempealeau County Sheriff Richard Anderson.

On average, Service Provider Day raises around $5,000 for the Salvation Army.