Tree stand injuries common during gun deer season

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — It’s nearly time for gun deer hunting season.

If you’re a regular hunter, you know gun safety is a number one priority.

Gundersen Health System officials say guns aren’t the only dangerous part of hunting.

They treat many injured patients who fell out of tree stands or strained a muscle.

Hunters should consider these activities that could cause pain without extra precaution.

“Climbing in and out of a tree stand, dragging a deer out of the woods, climbing up and down hills to get into where you are going to be hunting are all pretty moderate physical activities, so it’s important to whether or not your body has the stamina to do that before you head out,” said Carly Severson, trauma injury prevention coordinator at Gundersen Health System.

Experts also recommend that hunters know the signs of a heart attack before going out to hunt.