Transportation affects graduates’ future plans

Graduates look for out of state for jobs

Wisconsin’s lack of alternative transportation could be the driving force behind many college graduates leaving the state.

For the past decade, Wisconsin has seen more and more of its graduates looking for jobs outside of the state. A new survey done by the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group or WISPRIR, found many graduates want alternative transportation options. Out of the more than 500 graduates who took the survey, 60% of them would be more likely to stay in the state if they could commute without driving.

Local officials say the results from the survey show a shift in priorities when it comes to the state’s needs.

“It highlights the fact that the old thinking of just how do we pave more roads and all that is out moded, we need to be thinking of the next 10, 20 years, you know into the future and building our cities and investing in our transportation to capture that,” said La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat.

WISPRIRG is currently working with the state on a number of different transportation issues including increasing funding for transit, bike,  and pedestrian infrastructures.