Traffic, parking changes in Campbell for Airfest

Some boaters will be impacted by closures as well.

CAMPBELL, Wis. (WKBT) – Ahead of Airfest, the town of Campbell has some changes to help the return of the popular event go smoothly.

There are no parking signs posted on six roads on French Island.

Those roads are 2nd Avenue East, 1st Avenue East, Bainbridge Street, 1st Avenue West, Dawson Avenue and Lakeshore Drive.

Violating the temporary order will result in a ticket and your car may be towed.

The changes are needed to ensure emergency vehicles have access to the La Crosse Regional Airport.

And the Fisherman’s Road public access gate will also be closed until Monday morning.

Drivers heading west on I-90 will get off at exit 2 before heading north.

For those heading east drivers will be routed south.

Traffic will go past the Campbell town hall over to Lakeshore Drive before traveling north.

No Airfest traffic will be allowed on Bainbridge Street north of Goddard Street.

And boaters have some changes to look out for as well.

The water north of the La Crosse Regional Airport will be closed for portions of Friday through Sunday, from about noon until five in the evening each day.

Campbell Police also also asking drivers to not stop in the middle of the road or anywhere that may create a traffic safety issue for other motorists.

More details about traffic and parking changes is available on the Campbell PD’s Facebook page.