Town of Shelby supports a second rail line

Resolution passed Monday night to allow double rail tracks

The town of Shelby is voicing its opinion over the possibility of a second rail line running through the area.

Monday night Shelby’s town board approved a resolution to support double rail tracks in the area.

Shelby already has two tracks running through its town. The resolution is just to show its support of the second line.

The town board believes how the tracks are running now could put area residents at risk. Without the second line it increases the chance of trains colliding on the tracks. That chance is something the town board doesn’t want to take.

“If a catastrophe were to happen here because of congestion, you know we’re the first respondent this side of town with those tracks, our station be in hazard as well,” said Town of Shelby Supervisor Tim Ehler.

The town board also hopes the second line stops some of the delays that happen near ward Avenue.