Town of Campbell police chief charged with misdemeanor

La Crosse County judge recuses himself from case

La Crosse County Judge Dale Pasell recused himself from a case involving the Town of Campbell police chief on Thursday.

Chief Tim Kelemen has been charged with a misdemeanor count of unlawful use of a computerized communication system.

Kelemen is accused of signing up local activist Greg Luce for multiple online websites and newsletters, including insurance, dating, and adult sites. The chief said it was in response to abusive phone calls and emails.

“There’s no question this was not a good move or an intelligent move on the chief’s part, I mean, nobody’s going to dispute that it was a foolish thing to do,” said Jim Birnbaum, Kelemen’s attorney, “on the other hand, because somebody acts in that fashion, doesn’t mean they should be found guilty of any crime or even any violation.”

Kelemen’s case will be moved to Monroe County.              

Kelemen’s lawyer said Thursday there is a diversion agreement signed by the DA that if Kelemen completes counceling and community service, the charge will be cleared. “We look forward to the opportunity to appear before an out of county judge and we are confident that this matter is going to be disposed of rather rapidly based upon the written agreement,” said Birnbaum.