Campbell officials riled about state board’s decision against tighter PFAS regulations

TOWN OF CAMPBELL, Wis. (WKBT) — Town of Campbell officials are irate about the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board vote to oppose DNR and Department of Health Services recommendations for proposed PFAS groundwater standards.

The proposed rule would have set a PFAS limit of 20 parts per trillion.

After four hours of testimony Wednesday from people all around the state who have PFAS-contaminated water, the board adopted a drinking water standard of 70 ppt. That’s well above the DNR and DHS proposal of 20ppt.

The policy board failed to set any standards for groundwater.

More than 500 families in the Town of Campbell are drinking bottled water because their wells are contaminated with PFAS.

Campbell Supervisor Lee Donahue, who heads the town council’s committee on Health, Education and Welfare,  said failing to set standards is unacceptable, and they will not give up the fight.

“There is no standard now for the safety of our groundwater, which becomes drinking water, which we consume from our taps, from our wells,” Donahue said. “That’s pretty horrifying.”

The board members who voted against the standards cited high costs.

Nearly two-thirds of Wisconsin residents get their water from groundwater sources.

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