Town of Campbell asks La Crosse to switch to PFAS free foam before Airfest

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — The Town of Campbell has asked the city of La Crosse to switch to firefighting foam that does not include contaminants known as PFAS prior to the June 2021 Airfest event.

The town sent a letter to La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat Thursday, saying PFAS found in private wells have created a public health crisis in the town that they do not know the full extent of.

“The Town of Campbell is asking the City of La Crosse to do the right thing to protect the health and safety of Town residents from further PFAS contamination caused by the use of AFFF firefighting foam by the City of La Crosse at its municipal airport,” said the town board in the letter.

The letter asks the city to immediately make a commitment to use an alternative non-PFAS firefighting foam at the airport, saying it is imperative to reducing further contamination.

“This is particularly important since AIRFEST 2021 is coming up this June and we can’t tolerate another use or spill of this highly toxic contaminate to further injure the residents of the Town of Campbell. The Town of Campbell asks that the City of La Crosse immediately replace the AFFF and notify the Town Board members that this conversion has been completed. We also ask for proof that all AFFF is safely removed from Airport property and disposed of. No safe level of PFAS has been established in drinking water,” said the letter.

Read the full letter here.

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